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“The 70th Anniversary of Peaceful Liberation of Chengdu” Seminar Successfully Held


2020-01-02 07:48


From Dec. 28th to 29th, 2019, academic seminar for “the 70th Anniversary of Peaceful Liberation of Chengdu” was held in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province, which hosted by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS. Professor Li Houqiang, the secretary of SASS Committee of the CPC delivered a speech, Gao Zhongwei, the vice-minister of Publicity Department of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Wang Fengjun, the deputy secretary of Pengzhou Municipal Committee, Prof. Chen She, the president of Chengdu Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Tu Huoming, the executive vice-president of the Party School of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the CPC attended the conference and addressed, which over 100 scholars across the country also attended.


Prof. Li stressed the purpose of the meeting, and in-depth analyzed great significance of peaceful liberation of Chengdu in political, military, united front and other fields; then “Six Major Miracles” created by the 70th Anniversary of Peaceful Liberation of Chengdu were comprehensively summarized, and finally, so as to provide suggestions for the development of Pengzhou and provide intellectual services, Li put forwards seven methods to deeply explore and research the historical and cultural connotation of Pengzhou and the transformation of natural resources: first, strengthening research on natural resources conversion utilization; second, strengthening research on origin of ancient Shu Kingdom civilization; third, strengthening research on the county territory economy development; forth, strengthening research on unearthed cultural relics; fifth, strengthening research on Chinese and Western cultural exchanges; sixth, strengthening research on geologic structure of Pengzhou; seventh, strengthening research on transportation development of Pengzhou.


2020-01-02 03:46
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