Kung Fu, Martial Arts and the Ideal of Home Country


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Zhu Qianhua


Title: Kung Fu, Martial Arts and the Ideal of Home Country 

Press: China Continental Press

ISBN: 9787508545714


Kung Fu is the culmination of thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture. There are many schools of Chinese Kung Fu, famous ones including Shaolin, Wudang, Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Eight Diagrams. Over thousands of years of continuous development and evolution, Kung Fu has developed into the ultimate form of practical martial arts combat, namely, freestyle grappling. 
Though the techniques are constantly changing, the mentality of Chinese Kung Fu to support justice and defend the nation has remained unchanged. As we can see in the history of Chinese Kung Fu, there's a prominent theme of “patriotism” between the lines. This is the supreme core enabling Chinese Kung Fu to continue and flourish. 

About the Author:

Zhu Qianhua, member of Chinese Writers Association (CWA), is a senior writer of China National Geographic and National Geographicand won the first Zhu Ziqing Literature Award. Representative works include Where is Our Home , South Secret Territory, etc.


Preface 01
Chapter I   Kung Fu is both Martial Arts and Philosophy
Section 1 Bruce Lee: Great Pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) 002
Section 2 Kung Fu Martial Arts 005
Section 3 Evolution History of Kung Fu 008
Chapter II    The Spirit of Martial Arts
Section 1 Origin of Wushu 018
Section 2 Shang-Zhou Wushu: Value Justice above Material Gains 022
Section 3 Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period: The Glory of Assassins   027
Section 4 The Han Dynasty: Warriors Shone Like Stars 049
Section 5 Wushu in the Wei-Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties: Integration with Buddhism 059
Section 6 The Prosperous Tang Dynasty: A Sword Equaltoa Million Troops 067
Section 7 The Song Dynasty: 18 Kinds of Kung Fu Skills   079
Section 8 The Yuan Dynasty: Horn Butting Wrestling and Horsemanship and Archery 097
Section 9 The Ming Dynasty: Development of Kung Fu 101
Section 10 The Qing Dynasty: Good at Riding and Shooting 108
Section 11 Fighting to Erase the Humiliating Tag of ‘Sick Man of East Asia’ 112
Section 12 Fight the Japanese with Kung Fu: Defend the Motherland 119
Chapter III   Kung Fu: Shaolin in the North and Wudang in the South
Section 1 History of Shaolin Kung Fu 130
Section 2 Wudang Kung Fu: Good at External and Internal Cultivation 142
Chapter IV Kung Fu in Chinese Martial Arts Fiction
Section 1 Ancient Kung Fu Fiction: Martial Arts and Swordsmen 152
Section 2 Kung Fu Fiction on Legal Cases 158
Section 3 Old-style Kung Fu Novels 162
Section 4 New-genre Kung Fu Novels 166
Chapter V   Kung Fu Movies
Section 1 Heavenly King: Bruce Lee and the Kung Fu Movie 174
Section 2 Chinese Kung Fu and Kung Fu Movies Going Global 182
Appendix 1 Main Schools of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts 190
Appendix 2 A Brief Chinese Chronology 197



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