A Major Test to the Chinese System


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CAITEC of Ministry of Commerce


Title: A Major Test to the Chinese System

AuthorCAITEC of Ministry of Commerce

ISBN: 9787119126838

Press: Foreign Languages Press


Chapter One The World in the Same Boat 1

Section I Extraordinary Summit on Cooperation for the

War on Pandemic 2

Section II “Miles Apart, but Close at Heart” 9

Section III

“If I Contracted the Virus, I Hope to Get

Treatment in China” 14

Section IV

No One Can Prosper Alone; We Should Support

the Building of a Community with a Shared Future

for Mankind 22

Chapter Two

A Meeting of the Standing Committee of the

Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

on the First Day of Chinese New Year 30

Section I “It Is Easier to Shake a Mountain than China” 31

Section II

Why the Full Implementation of Decisions of the

Central Leadership  40

Section III

Why the Decisions of the CPC Central Committee

Meet Warm Response at the Community Level  46

Section IV

China’s Experience: The Centralized and Unified

Leadership of the CPC Plays a Pivotal Role in the

Battle Against the Epidemic 51

Chapter Three Everyone Counts in the People’s War 57

Section I “I Have Never Seen Such Mobilization in My Life” 58

Section II Warriors in White Gowns: Heroes in Harm’s Way  61

Section III

Science-based Anti-epidemic Battle:

A Promising Approach 70

Section IV “Helping One Another”: Support from Society 77

Section V

Highly Effective So Mobilization,

Coordination and Cohesion 92

Chapter Four Civil-Military Cooperation 97

Section I The Rally Call on January 24 98

Section II

An Elite Force Always Ready for Action and

Capable of Victory 103

Section III Battlefields Outside the Hospitals 108

Section IV A Big Test After the Military Reform 113

Chapter Five

The Power Behind the Miracle of Huoshenshan

Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital 121

Section I

Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital:

From Decision-making to Mobilization and

Implementation 122

Section II

The Whole Country Works Together to Mobilize

Nationwide Resources to Accomplish Major

Initiatives 128

Section III

The Synergy Between Governmental and

Non-governmental Sectors 134

Chapter Six

Communication Transparency:

When People Understand, Peace Prevails 139

Section I Information Transparency 140

Section II Transparency—A Responsible Major Country 146

Section III

War Against the Pandemic: A Big Test for

Information Sharing 151

Section IV Further Institutional Improvements 158

Chapter Seven

Fight the Epidemic in Accordance

with the Law 163

Section I Lockdown of Wuhan 164

Section II

A Scientific Decision: Fight the Epidemic in a

Law-based Manner 171

Section III A Long Way Ahead 176

Chapter Eight

Adversity and Opportunity for China’s

Economy in the Pandemic 189

Section I

Confidence in Controlling Pandemic While

Maintaining Economic Development 190

Section II

Two Billion Yuan a Day! The Unexpected Rise of the Digital Economy 197

Section III

A “Timely Relief” for Micro, Small and

Medium-sized Enterprises 203

Section IV

Can a Moderately Prosperous Society Be Possible During the Wars Against Pandemic and Poverty   209

Section V

Chinese and World Economies Counteract

Adversities in Cooperation 216

Conclusion China Did Great, but the Test Is Not Over 225

Section I

China’s Institution and Governance System Show Unique Strengths, but They Still Need Improvement   226

Section II

The Ideal Solution Is Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind Despite Endless

Challenges 237

Section III The Test Is Not Over 251

Post 256

Appendix Chronicle of China’s Fight against COVID-19 258


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