First Visit to China


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Tao Cuiping


Title: First Visit to China

Author:Tao Cuiping

ISBN: 9787508540979

Press: China Intercontinental Press


As a Chinese saying goes, “people living in places 10 li (5 km) apart speak with different accents, and the customs vary in places 100 li (50 km) away.” First Visit to China emphasizes the particularities of China and the Chinese nation through the experiences and feelings of Hans as a German exchange student to Shanghai. It contains more than 70 questions raised by Hans according to what he experienced, saw and heard in China. Answers to these questions are expected to help readers understand China's culture, landscapes, life, customs and other characteristics from different aspects.


Author's Message

1A friend from afar

2Are stores open as usual on Sundays and holidays?

3What does the date marked on product packaging indicate?

4What is your name?

5What is the class-break setting-up exercise?

6Who was China's first emperor?

7Why do college students need military training?

8How to cross the street?

9Why do some people speak so loud in public places?

10What are the units of renminbi?

11How many dialects are there in China?

12Can chopsticks replace knives and forks?

13What's the staple food of the Chinese?

14Are any provincial names associated with the mountains and rivers?

15How many days belong to statutory holidays and festivals of China each year?

16What are the 24 solar terms?

17What is the Chinese zodiac?

18How to buy train tickets?

19Do passengers need to undergo a security check at the railway station?

20Does the bridegroom need to give red envelopes when fetching the bride?


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