Buddhist Grottoes in China


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Yuan Rongsun


Title: Buddhist Grottoes in China

Author: Yuan Rongsun

ISBN: 9787508544861

Press: China Intercontinental Press


The author, who has taken photos for grottoes throughout China for a dozen years, has recorded the vast majority of grottoes discovered in China. In addition to Buddhas and Buddhist grottoes, he also recorded the world where the sentient beings live with his camera, linking the emotions and lives of human beings, as well as the fleeting time with elegant and mysterious Buddhas, and enabling the heavenly Buddhas to walk into the life of common people and become a part of their daily life in a vivid and cordial manner. “Those photos give priority to the life of people focused by Buddhas instead of Buddhas themselves while taking Buddhas as the theme.” In his photos, we can see not only the Buddhas, but also the history of Buddhist grottoes in China and the everlasting daily life of Chinese people.  

About the Author:

Yuan Rongsun is the member of China Photographers Association, Vice-president of Chengdu Photography Artist Association, contracted photographer of Chinese National Geography, and Adjunct Professor of the School of Architecture and Design, Southwest Jiaotong University. Having being engaged in photography for decades, he takes Buddhist grottoes as his photographic subject. Mr. Yuan, who has taken part in photographic exhibitions and held personal exhibitions nationwide for a dozen times, has published Qianghong (A Red Stripe of Qiang People to Pray for Good Luck), Tranquil Mountains: Grottoes of Buddhist Sculptures, and Solemn Figures in Tranquil Valleys: Grottoes of Buddhist Sculptures in China Throughout History, among which the Solemn Figures in Tranquil Valleys has been granted the Excellent Photo Book Award of Pingyao International Photography Festival.


Stepping into the Long History of the Grottoes for Buddhist Sculptures_10
Grotto Art, the History Carved on Rocks_001
Chapter I
Sixteen States of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420): Introduction of Buddhist Scriptures from the West
1 Subhash Buddhist Temple_ 017
2 Kizil Thousand-Buddha Grottoes_ 019
3 Grottoes on Mount Wenshu_ 020
4 Grottoes in Mati Temple_ 024
5 Grottoes in Jinta Temple_ 026
Chapter II
The Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589): Integration with Traditional Chinese Style
6 Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang _ 032
7 Bingling Temple Grottoes_ 038




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