Chinese Culture 1


2021-02-26 01:12

Mew Yew Hwa


Title: Chinese Culture 1

Author: Mew Yew Hwa

ISBN: 9787508535432

Press: China Intercontinental Press


A generously illustrated series introducing traditional Chinese ideas and beliefs that are still relevant today. The series (Intriguing Chinese Culture) includes 4 books with subjects arranged in English alphabetic order.• Wide range of topics covered, such as particular animals, legendary creatures, festivals, colours and numbers• Interesting contrast between Western and Chinese beliefs, where applicable• Numerous illustrations and photos to bring Chinese culture alive• Relevant Chinese phrases and idioms with English translations for vocabulary expansion.

About the Author:

Y H Mew, MA (History), has spent over 30 years publishing language-related books for young and adult learners. He is constantly seeking creative ways to present content so that readers may find learning more enjoyable.




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