Decade of Rise & Fall of Top Companies


2019-12-02 05:57

Yangdu & Liu Bin


Title: Decade of Rise & Fall of Top Companies

Author: Yangdu & Liu Bin

ISBN: 9787510455629

Press: New World Press


This book is a historical record of the rise and fall of Chinese companies.

During the 12-year period of growth of China’s top 500 companies, each year around 80 of them disappeared from the list, leaving a big question mark over why such large companies experience ups and downs. The top 500 list provides a broad historical picture of the growth of Chinese companies.

This is an era of opportunity and achievement, and of sudden change and survival of the fittest. There are successful companies and entrepreneurs, and there are unsuccessful ones. The inclusion of a company in the top 500 list does not guarantee its continual success.

We had studied large Chinese firms for years and looked into many cases, but we lacked sufficient data about the overall state of these companies. Since 2002, when the list of the top 500 Chinese companies was initiated, our vision, thinking and methodology have changed substantially: 1) from the analysis of individual cases to the whole picture of large companies; 2) from the analysis of, and comments on, highly topical issues on a yearly basis to a historical overview of the growth of large companies; 3) from the exclusive study of Chinese companies to the comparative study of world-class companies; and 4) from the development of management solutions to the study of the laws of the growth of large companies.

This book was thus written.




2019-12-02 01:57
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