Trough Jenny's Eyes


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Chen Yan


Title: Through Jenny’s Eyes

Author: Chen Yan

ISBN: 9787508530000

Press: China Intercontinental Press


In China, there are a very limited number of books about guide dogs, and Chen Yan has written one. It is unprecedented in that it narrates from the perspective of a guide dog. Born in Beijing, Chen Yan is a blind woman who was abandoned by her parents when she was a child. Born in Dalian, Jenny is a Labrador guide dog raised by three loving families. One day, fate brings them together. Chen Yan is the first female blind piano tuner in China. Jenny lends her own eyes to Chen Yan, and in return Chen Yan gives Jenny a happy and warm home.


Preface Two Inseparable Souls
I.Mom.I’m Your Eyes
 1.You Are the Center of My World.
 2.Mom,I Will Always Protect You.
 3.It's Just Great to See Your Smile
 4.Work and Fun Can Mix!
 5.The River—jumping Incident
 6.A Battle of Wits
 7.A Day for the Blind
 8.Three Days to Be Blind.
 9.The Seaside
 10.Always Be with You
II.Born with a Mission
 1.My Beloved Hometown.
 2.My Happy“Pre—school”Days
 3.Tough Teacher Gets Better Result
 4.1he Little Rascal
 5.Becoming a‘‘Popular Star
 6.Sorrow and Pain before Graduation
 7.My New Master.
 8.Running a Route with My Mom.
 9.Farewell.My Hometown
III.Mom,You Are Amazin9
 1.The Most Important Person in Mom's Life
 2.Early Pains and Gains
 3.When the Going Gets Tough,the Tough Gets Goin9
 4.Confidence Is as Precious as Gold
 5.Priceless Love
 6.1he Pursuit of My Own Happiness
 7.If You Can Dream
IV.Home,a Place Where Love and Happiness Bloom
 1.My New Home




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