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Internet the emerging job creator


2020-07-17 02:45

China Daily


Nor did it say how many were in the news this year's graduates of 8.3 million have landed a job.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 5.64 million urban jobs have been created over the past six months, accounting for 62.7 percent of the national target for employment. The urban unemployment rate was 5.7 percent in June, a 0.2 percentage point drop from the figure in May.

Although the NBS did not say how many were related to the digital economy or new self-employed economy — referring to online shops or livestreaming as a business or other services provided online by individuals — it is certain that many are.

The rise of the new self-employed economy prompted 13 central government departments and institutions to release a document on Thursday explicitly stating that those who are doing business online may apply for business licenses for their online business sites. The document says that efforts will be made to lower the costs for the online self-employed to use internet platforms so as to encourage people to work self-employed online.

The document also stresses that commercial banks will be encouraged to provide both online and offline loan services and cost of financing for the self-employed will be lowered.

This coincides with the trend that online shopping and other online services are becoming increasingly popular.

The transmissibility of the novel coronavirus has spurred the development of the digital economy and the rise in the number of people working online self-employed as it has induced people to make online purchases and even seek medical and other services online.

Although China has done a good job in bringing the virus largely under control, there are no signs of the worst-hit countries being able to do the same, so it is undoubtedly necessary for the Chinese people to still maintain their vigilance.

In such circumstances, it is a good opportunity to encourage those who are still looking for a job, to try their luck in making a living on their own online.

Despite the ever improving situation for resumption of work in various sectors, the blow the global pandemic has dealt the economy should not be underestimated. The stagnation of the economy in the rest of the world because of the virus will still have an impact on China's economy.

Despite what China has achieved in creating jobs, the prospect of creating jobs related to the online economy could be broader than expected with an increasing range of services being provided online.



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