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Are online graduation ceremonies the new normal?


2020-07-13 03:23

China Daily

Editor's note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many universities around the world have postponed graduation or held virtual graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020. With no pictures taken, no caps, no gowns and no proper farewell, this year's graduates are experiencing the most unique commencement ceremony in a generation. Forum readers share their comments.

The undergraduate students had pictured their graduation ceremony in their minds. For example, they imagined they would wear their cap and gown to attend their graduation ceremony, have a gathering with the whole class, the well-known alumni and the university president would make an inspiring speech, the professor would present them with their diploma and move the tassel of their cap from the right side to the left, they would take lots of pictures with their classmates and teachers. But now all of this is wishful thinking due to the rebound of coronavirus in Beijing. So their schools held an online graduation ceremony. They felt a little bit disappointed, but they can celebrate what they have achieved over the past years and still laugh without fear of the future.



This pandemic has been a life-changer for everyone, including us graduates who are about to set out on one of the greatest adventures of life. But every cloud has its silver lining. Life doesn’t go as planned, so appreciate what you have and who you have, because the future can take it all away from you anytime.

It’s sad students are missing their graduation ceremony in-person. Perhaps colleges & universities can plan for this year’s graduation next summer, when the pandemic goes away.


We have witnessed many unbelievable things in 2020. Affected by COVID-19, “online ceremony” has become a new trend in this year’s graduation season. No one thought their university life would end this way. However technology is adopted, content is greater than form. The different varieties of “online ceremonies” will become a special memory for this year’s graduates.


My concern is not the graduation ceremony but the job prospects for this year's students. Amid a global pandemic, many graduates are worried about uncertainty in the job market. For those still searching, you should consider doing internships or part-time work before finding a full-time job, and in the meantime, please remember to keep positive. Keep moving forward, one step a time. You will eventually survive and your degree will land you your desired job and help you succeed in your career.



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