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Beijing shows that prompt targeted actions can effectively contain virus' reemergence


2020-07-08 03:25

China Daily

That Beijing reported zero confirmed locally transmitted COVID-19 cases on Monday, 26 days after a new outbreak was detected on June 11, highlights the efficient response of the municipal government.

The city has reported a total of 335 confirmed locally transmitted cases in nearly four weeks, with 320 people receiving treatment in hospitals, and the other 15 having recovered and been discharged. There are still 31 asymptomatic cases under medical observation, so there is the possibility that new confirmed cases could be reported in the days to come. The successful containment of the outbreak shows that transmission of the virus can be controlled and prevented if a set of well-planned measures is carried out to the hilt.

Beijing has mobilized its resources to test and trace. Establishing as many testing points as necessary to have all residents tested in areas with confirmed cases and locating all who have been in close contact with those infected. More than 10 million residents have so far undergone a nucleic acid test in the city.



2020-07-08 11:24
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