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The First Wuyi Forum Held


2024-04-24 12:00

On March 22, with the theme of "'Two Combinations': the Five Thousand Years of Chinese Civilization and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", Wuyi Forum opened at Zhu Xi Garden in Nanping, Fujian.

At the opening ceremony, Chang Bin, vice governor of Fujian Provincial People's Government, Zhang Donggang,secretary of Renmin University of China of CPC Committee, Chen Lujun, president of China News Service, and Yuan Chaohong, secretary of Nanping Municipal Committee of CPC, were present and delivered speeches. The ceremony was presided over by Lin Shangli, president of Renmin University of China. During the forum, Renmin University of China, Nanping City and Wuyi Institute of the three parties signed the "Joint Co-construction   Cooperation Agreement of Chinese Civilization Wuyi Research Institute", and unveiled the plaque for the newly established Chinese Civilization Wuyi Research Institute.

Wuyi Institute of Chinese Civilization is a joint venture constructed by Renmin University of China (RUC) and Nanping City, which integrates academic research, interpretation and transformation, and is one of the branches of the Institute of Chinese Civilization of Renmin University of China. Focusing on the new cultural mission in the new era, the Wuyi Institute of Chinese Civilization will be committed to gathering high-quality academic resources at home and abroad, digging deep into Nanping's traditional cultural resources, focusing on creating academic brands, and conducting holistic research on the development of Chinese civilization, with the aim to develop Chinese civilization in a holistic manner. It will refine the contemporary value of the core concepts of the excellent traditional Chinese culture, explain the relationship between the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization and socialism with Chinese characteristics, and continuously enhance the spreading power and influence of Chinese civilization amidst the exchanges and mutual learning of multiple civilizations.

In the talking session, around the theme of "How to Let the Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture Into the Hearts of the Young Generation", the participating scholars and representatives of teachers and students together to carry out in-depth discussions. In the afternoon, the first lecture of the Chinese Civilization Forum started. Zang Fengyu, dean of the School of Philosophy of Renmin University of China, delivered the first lecture on the theme of "The Cosmic View of Chinese Civilization". The lectures centered on "5000 Years of Chinese Civilization in the International Perspective", "'Two Combinations' and Marxist Theoretical Innovation", "the Genes of Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", "Classics, Books, Publishing and the Continuation of Chinese Literary Lineage", "Chinese Modernization and the New Form of Human Civilization", and other topics. Five parallel sub-forums were held simultaneously, in which the participating scholars opened up a wide world for promoting Chinese spirit, spreading Chinese values and gathering Chinese power to the world.

During the forum, A series of academic activities and thematic cultural study tours will be held one after another, such as "The Same Way to China: The First 'Cross-Strait High-end Academic Study Workshop on Chinese Civilization'".

On the site of the event, books published by China Renmin University Press, such as "The Second Combination" and the Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation, "Unearthed Documents and the World of Early Chinese Thought", "Marxist Theory Research and Contemporary China", as well as other books related to the forum were unveiled in the forum. After the meeting, China Renmin University Press presented books to the Wuyi Institute of Chinese Civilization.

The forum was co-organized by Renmin University of China, Nanping Municipal Committee of CPC, Nanping Municipal People's Government and the Wuyi Institute of Chinese Civilization, and co-organized by International Academic Alliance for Cultural Exchange and Fujian Academy of Social Sciences.

Translated by Mengjiao Zhou



2024-04-30 02:13
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