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1st Seminar for Qidian Compilation Held


2024-04-01 03:11

Zhao Qiuli
Guangming Daily

Recently,the first seminar and launching ceremony of the compilation of Qidian was held, which co-sponsored by Shandong University of Technology and Shandong Publishing Group, marking the official start of the compilation of Qidian Library, the key task of the construction of Shandong Cultural Context project.

As an important part of the Shandong Cultural Context project, Qidian and the published Rudian together constitute the two wings of the Qilu Library. Wang Zhimin, chief editor of Qi Dian and honorary dean of Shandong University of Technology Qi Cultural Research Institute, said the project is expected to complete the compilation and publication work by the end of this year.

Hu Xingyu, secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong University of Technology, said that the compilation and publication of Qidian, the collation and annotation of Qi culture, and the modernization of the cultural classics are important tasks to help the construction of the Shandong context project and create the Qilu Library pattern of one body and two wings. It is of great significance to display the deep historical deposits of Qi culture, excavate the contemporary value of Qi culture, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.


Translated by Lena.



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