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New Quality Productivity Research and Development Center Established


2024-03-27 12:00

On March 12,the New Quality Productivity Research and Development Center of Xiamen University was established. Zhang Rong, Secretary of the CPC Party Committee of Xiamen University, and Zhang Zongyi, President of Xiamen University, inaugurated the Research and Development Center.

Zhang Zongyi said that the new quality productivity is characterized by high technology, high efficiency and high quality.Its feature lies in "innovation", key lies in "high quality", and essence lies in "advanced". Colleges and universities have a natural advantage in talent training, scientific and technological innovation, which is an important force to promote the development of new quality productivity. Xiamen University will continue to innovate talent cultivation mode to provide talent support for the development of new quality productivity; strengthen the drive of scientific and technological innovation to build momentum for the development of new quality productivity; and build a new type of high-end think tanks to provide advice and suggestions for the formation of new quality productivity.

It is reported that the center will focus on the three directions of theoretical elaboration, applied research and practical exploration, integrate the advantages of arts and sciences disciplines in the school, strengthen cross-fertilization and synergistic development, optimize the talent team, break the platform barriers, create a new type of national high-end think tank, and provide intellectual support for scientific decision-making. The next step of the center will firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development, using local resource endowment, scientific research conditions, etc., to promote the development of new quality productivity research, focusing on the upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of new industries, the cultivation of future industries, etc., to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and the application of innovation results into transformation, and to promote the innovative development of new industries, new modes, and new kinetic energy.

Translated by Mengjiao Zhou 


2024-03-29 05:45
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