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The 2nd "Hainan Public Diplomacy Development Forum" (2024) was held in Haikou


2024-01-29 12:00

On January 19th to 21st, the Second "Hainan Public Diplomacy Development Forum" (2024) was held in Haikou by Hainan Public Diplomacy Research Center and Hainan University School of Marxism, more than 80 experts and scholars from universities and research institutes across the country participated in this forum.

The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Zhou Wei, executive deputy director of Hainan Public Diplomacy Research Center and professor of Hainan University. Zhu Chenghu, professor of National Defense University, Liu Debin, professor of Jilin University, Jing Xuemin, professor of Communication University of China, Xu Xin, professor of Nanjing University, Ke Yinbin, deputy director of Academic Committee of the Chahar Society, and Bi Yantao, professor of Hainan University, etc. delivered speeches and keynote speeches at the opening ceremony.

The theme of this forum is "The Construction of Free Trade Port with Chinese Characteristics and Hainan's Public Diplomacy". The forum was divided into keynote speeches and two parallel sub-forums. In the keynote speeches, six guests made brilliant speeches on the topics of public diplomacy in the context of China-US relations, new situation and new tasks facing China's public diplomacy in the new era, public diplomacy in the perspective of international political communication, corporate public diplomacy and its enhancement, Israel's public diplomacy in the U.S., and gauging China's international communication: problems and countermeasures, and so on.

In the parallel sub-forums, experts and scholars at the meeting made keynote speeches and had heated discussions on four topics: “China's Public Diplomacy in the New Era: Theoretical and Practical Innovations”, “Construction of the South China Sea Community of Destiny and Public Diplomacy in the South China Sea Rim”, “Creating an Open Door to the Indo-Pacific and Public Diplomacy in Hainan”, and “Construction of Hainan's Free Trade Harbor: Public Diplomacy and International Communication”, which resulted in a lot of consensus and policy recommendations.

It is reported that the "Hainan Public Diplomacy Development Forum" is one of the academic brands created by the Hainan Public Diplomacy Research Center, which regularly organizes relevant seminars around public diplomacy research and the development of public diplomacy in Hainan, and contributes to the construction of Hainan's free trade port and the exploration of the theory and practice of public diplomacy to contribute to the academic force.

Translated by Mengjiao Zhou 


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