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The Forum on High-Quality Development of Chinese Periodicals Held in Shanghai


2023-12-01 12:00

The Forum on High-Quality Development of Chinese Periodicals, organized by the State Press and Publication Administration, was held on October 27 in Shanghai.

According to reports, the main task of the forum is to study and implement Xi Jinping's cultural thought, conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Conference on Propaganda, Ideology and Culture, exchange achievements and experiences, explore ideas and countermeasures, gather strength and consensus, and to promote the development of periodicals of high quality in the new era and new journey. The forum was organized by China Periodicals Association, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication and Shanghai University, including the main forum and six sub-forums. The Science and Technology Innovation Department of the China Association for Science and Technology, the Publicity Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Shanghai University, Historical Research, Reader, Molecular Plants, Inquirer Junior, Southern Magazine, and Chinese Medical Association Publishing House were responsible for making keynote speeches in the main forum. The sub-forums focused on the development of cultural heritage, the construction of first-class academic periodicals, the promotion of cluster development, and the enhancement of the international dissemination of periodicals and other topics for in-depth exchanges and discussions, and discussed ways to accelerate the realization of the high-quality development of periodicals.

More than 700 people attended the forum, including relevant responsible comrades from the central authorities of relevant periodicals, territorial periodical publication management departments and periodical industry associations, representatives of scientists, and representatives of periodical publication units, periodical evaluation units, database platforms and other aspects.

Translated by Mengjiao 


2023-12-12 03:52
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