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The first Strategic Communication Forum was held in Jiangxi


2022-10-27 03:31

The first Strategic Communication Forum was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province On September 5, which was co-sponsored by China Foreign languages Publishing Administration and the Publicity Department of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of CPC. Under the theme of "Building a Strategic Communication System with Chinese Characteristics", the forum will explore the overarching, strategic and forward-looking issues of international communication. More than 200 experts and scholars from central government organs, think tanks, universities, media organizations, business enterprises and other fields attended the conference.

Du Zhanyuan, director of CIPG and president of Translators Association of China, said in his opening speech that the forum aims to further sum up experience, exchange ideas and contribute wisdom to the building of a strategic communication system with distinctive Chinese characteristics.Du Zhanyuan proposed that the strategic goal should be firmly established and the international communication should serve the historical process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The strategic system should be established and the development direction of international communication should be taken into consideration from a macro perspective.Strategies and tactics should be innovated and grand strategies should respond to great changes in practice. Strategic coordination should be strengthened and international communication forces should be fully pooled in all fields.

Zhuang Zhaolin, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of CPC and director of the Publicity Department, said in his opening speech that Jiangxi stories should be used to spread China's voice, and Jiangxi practices should be used to explain China's ideas, so as to make the Jiangxi exploration for strengthening the construction of international communication capacity.He proposed that we should adhere to ideological guidance and focus on the Party's innovative theory to guide the international communication work; We should adhere to the advantages and focus on the wonderful chapters of Jiangxi in the new era to tell the story of China; We should adhere to integrity and innovation, and strive to build a three-dimensional communication system to enhance the effectiveness of international communication.

Yu Tao, deputy director of CIPG, said that it is of great significance to hold the first strategic Communication Forum in the run-up to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to discuss the building of international communication capacity, discuss the construction of strategic communication system and further strengthen cooperation in strategic communication.

At the forum, CIPG's International Discourse Innovation Cooperation Base was officially inaugurated.

After the inaugurating ceremony, the meeting came into the speech part. Yu Yunquan, president of the Institute of Contemporary China and World Studies, presided over the conference.

Four parallel sub-forums were held at the forum, including the special meeting of the International Discourse Innovation Cooperation Base of CIPG, International Communication of the governance of China and National Image Building, Metaverse and International Communication Reform, and Local international Communication Capacity Building and Jiangxi Practice. Participants conducted in-depth discussions and shared case results around the theme of the forum.

The Institute of Contemporary China and World Studies released the research report "International Communication of Science and Technology under the guidance of" Digital China "in the sub-forum, explaining the public opinion environment of" Digital China "related topics from the dimensions of communication subjects, communication channels and regional countries, so as to provide support for the international communication of science and technology in the new era.

Translated by Zhou Mengjiao



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