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The Opening Ceremony of the "Guanzhong·Yellow River Culture Research Institute" Held


2021-03-24 09:05


Jointly established by Shaanxi Normal University and Xi'an Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, the opening ceremony of the "Guanzhong·Yellow River Culture Research Institute" was held in Xi'an Guanzhong Folk Art Museum On January 10th. Guanzhong refers to the central part of Shaanxi. In the ceremony, Shaanxi Normal University donated the "Guanzhong Study Collection" series of books (47 volumes) to the "Guanzhong·Yellow River Culture Research Institute".

"Guanzhong Study Collection" is the first large-scale series of books in China to collate and research the basic academic literature of Guanzhong Study. Organized and compiled by the Counselor Office of People's Government of Shaanxi Province (Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Literature and History) and Northwest University Press, it includes two major series of document collation and academic research, with a total of 47 volumes in 40 categories and 23 million words. 32 experts and scholars from more than ten colleges and research institutes including Northwest University, Shaanxi Normal University, Renmin University of China, East China Normal University,etc. have worked together for eight years to tackle key problems and do concentrated research. The organic combination of documentary and physical data provides a useful reference for us to fully understand the history of Chinese civilization and to study the development of Chinese civilization. "Guanzhong Study Collection" aims to inherit, promote and innovate Chinese excellent traditional culture. Through the rescue, excavation, sorting and research of scholars' writings of Guanzhong Study, it shows the historical outlook, development context, distinctive features, theoretical contributions and contemporary value of Guanzhong Study. It is of milestone significance for the continuation of historical civilization, the promotion of the spirit of Guanzhong Study, the demonstration of cultural self-confidence, and the promotion of the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture.

     The Guanzhong Folk Art Museum aims to rescue, protect, collect, research, and display Guanzhong folk cultural heritage. It has rescued and protected more than 40,000 pieces (sets) of folk relics since Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty. These precious collections have been the historical testimony of multi-ethnic survival and cultural exchange and integration of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Abundant physical historical materials, on the one hand, intuitively show the development of Chinese civilization in the historical period, and on the other hand, provide access and clues to the search for historical materials for subsequent in-depth and micro research.The Guanzhong Folk Art Museum has been praised by experts and scholars at home and abroad as "the gene storehouse and specimen bank of national culture". The Guanzhong Folk Art Museum should undertake the mission of cultivating people with culture and actively cooperate with academic circles. Relying on the high-quality academic resources and the characteristic teaching and research strength of literature and history subjects of Shaanxi Normal University, The Guanzhong Folk Art Museum will develop and build museum think tank and academic networks, conduct cross-regional and interdisciplinary research on common issues in the museum field, share cutting-edge theoretical and practical scientific research results in museums and related fields, promote the construction of museum disciplines nationwide, and strengthen cultural relics protection, research and utilization.

                                                                                                                                                           Translated by Zhou Mengjiao


2021-03-24 04:39
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