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The 6th Africa Forum Held Online and Offline


2021-02-03 02:45

Zhang Wei,Zhang Mengying


Jan. 25th, the 6th Africa Forum was held offline and online by China-African Institute, whose main venue was in Beijing. The theme of the forum is Ancient African Civilizations. Li Xinfeng, the executive vice-president of China-African Institute hosted and delivered a speech, Professor Gao Chang of School of Sociology and Anthropology, Xiamen University, and Prof. Li Anshan, president of Chinese Society of African Historical Studies addressed keynote speeches. The conference attracted over 240 experts and scholars to gather together.

As the origin of mankind and one of the cradles of human civilization, African splendid ancient civilization is an important organic component of human civilization, Prof. Li said, later, with the deepening of the colonial rule of the western colonists on Africa, Importation” of African Civilization appeared such as Euro-centric Theory, etc.  As an exchange and research platform, between China and Africa, China-African Institute has always attached great importance to academic research and exchanges in the field of African history.

Prof. Gao made a speech entitled Africa, Human Origins and Development.

Prof. Li made a speech entitled The Origin and Development of Ancient African Civilization, which pointed out that the contribution of African civilization to human history is immeasurable. Starting from the ancient African civilization, Li also discussed five thoughts on the study of African history: African history should be viewed and studied from an African perspective; the history of Africa is indispensable to the history of the world; African civilizations have influenced the civilizations of Europe, America and Asia; African history influences African reality in two ways; and the basis for shared values proposed by African Union is the source of the enduring vitality of African civilization.

Its reported that Africa Forum  one of the key projects of the Sino-African Joint Research and Exchange Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs undertaken by the China-Africa Institute.

Translated by Lena.




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