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Top legislator stresses protecting Yangtze River through rule of law


2021-01-25 02:45

Hua Xia
Xinhua net


China's top legislator Li Zhanshu has stressed protecting the Yangtze River through the rule of law and called for a down-to-earth enforcement of the Yangtze River conservation law.

Li, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), made the remarks at a symposium on the law on Friday.

As the country's first legislation on a specific river basin, the Yangtze River conservation law was adopted by the NPC Standing Committee in December and will take effect on March 1.

Li urged authorities to prioritize the conservation and restoration of the ecological environment in the Yangtze River basin and manage and regulate the construction and projects along the river according to the law.

Noting that the Yangtze River conservation law is also a law promoting green development, he underscored balancing environmental protection and economic growth.

Li called for a full, strict enforcement of the regulations and the law, and emphasized the necessity of building a coordinating mechanism to oversee the protection efforts.

He also requested stringent oversight and accountability in relation to the law, along with enhancing promotion and publicity of its content in the public sphere.

Stretching over 6,300 km and boasting rich biodiversity and mineral and water resources in its basin, the Yangtze River is seen as an icon of the Chinese nation and a symbol of the Chinese civilization.



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