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Report on Green and Low-Carbon Operation of Chengdu World University Games Released


2024-01-09 09:24


On the 22nd, the Press Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government held a press briefing to explain the "Report on Green and Low-Carbon Operation of Chengdu World University Games" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report").

The Chengdu World University Games has achieved remarkable green and low-carbon results, becoming the first major international sporting event in the western region to achieve carbon neutrality, the first major international event to utilize the local Carbon Pooling Mechanism to assist low-carbon spectators, the first major international event to implement carbon neutrality for spectators, and the first major international event to utilize second-hand recycling services.

In terms of low-carbon venues, the newly built venues of the Chengdu World University Games have all reached the two-star green building standard, and the sustainable utilization rate of the venues after the games has reached 100%; in terms of low-carbon energy, the supply of clean energy during the games has reached 100%; in terms of low-carbon transportation, the proportion of green trips has reached 70%, and 50 locally made hydrogen buses have been used in the games' protection;in terms of low-carbon operation, the waste-free action of the games has been vigorously implemented, and the proportion of local supply of vegetable ingredients has exceeded 70%; in terms of low-carbon participation, the public has been actively guided to practice low-carbon activities through the "Low Carbon World University Games" zone of the "Carbonwise Tianfu" operation platform.  In addition, in terms of ecological environmental protection, the city's air quality during the tournament to achieve all good, 69 Priority safeguarded water bodies to protect the water quality are excellent, Peach Blossom Jellyfish, a "water giant panda" with very high water quality requirements, frequently appear in Dong'an Lake ...... Chengdu takes the opportunity of hosting the World University Games to make every effort to promote the practice of ecological civilization and achieve remarkable results..

The Report reflects the measures taken and the effectiveness of Chengdu as a practitioner of green and low-carbon event organizing, an advocate of promoting low-carbon life, and a participant in actively responding to climate change in a multi-level and multi-dimensional manner, which will bring inspiration to other areas in promoting green and low-carbon production and lifestyle, and at the same time provide references to more cities in organizing large-scale events.

Tanslated by Mengjiao Zhou




2024-01-09 05:24
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