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The Human Rights College of Southwest University of Political Science and Law Unveiled


2022-03-11 12:00


Zhang Ming, Minister of the Publicity Department of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, unveiled the Human Rights College of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and "Journal of Human Rights Law" magazine on February 28th. This is the first Human Rights College among Colleges and Universities over the country.

As one of the universities that undertake the development of China 's human rights cause development, Southwest University of Political Science & Law actively serves the National Human Rights Strategy and established a Human Rights Research Institute in 2011. The Institute undertakes the work of human rights inquiries, human rights theory research, human rights practice research, human rights education and training and human rights public opinion guidance, etc. With public policy and strategic research and consultation as its main direction, it strives to build a national high-end human rights think tank. It has been successively selected as "National Human Rights Education and Training Base" and "National High-end Think Tank Construction and Cultivation Unit" authored by the State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Education and the first member unit of the High-end University Think Tank Alliance of the Ministry of Education.

In order to speed up the development of human rights discipline and train professionals urgently needed for the development of China's human rights cause, the College of Human Rights has been established based on the Institute of Human Rights according to the requirements of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee for the integrated development of the College and the Institute of Human Rights. "In the future, the college plans to recruit double-degree undergraduates, and is committed to cultivating talents who can work in human rights and legal affairs in the United Nations and countries along the Belt and Road. It will also explore the establishment of a first-level discipline of human rights to actively serve the national human rights strategy and local economic and social development." Fu Zitang, president of Southwest University of Political Science & Law and president of the Institute of Human Rights, said that the establishment of the College of Human Rights marks the gradual improvement of the university's comprehensive construction system, which integrates the construction of human rights discipline, the construction of human rights think tank and the training of human rights talents, and is a breakthrough in the university's human rights law construction and human rights education.

"We will try to cultivate a group of high-end talents of human rights who have solid theoretical and academic skill, are familiar with international rules and can tell China's human rights story. It is hoped that they will continuously develop China's human rights system, academic system and discourse system and make contributions and provide plans to serve the local economic and social development of Chongqing and China's human rights cause standing for Southwest University of Political Science and Law" Said Fan Wei, secretary of southwest University of Political Science and Law of the Committee of CPC.

Translated by Zhou Mengjiao 


2022-03-24 01:10
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