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San Xingdui Culture International Communication Symposium Held


2022-01-19 09:09

Zeng Jiang,Zhu Na


Jan. 15th, San xingdui Culture International Communication Symposium was held in Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

This meeting was hosted by Sichuan Cultural Industry Development Promotion Center(SIchuan Foreign Cultural Exchange Center), Reseach Insititute of History of SASS, and Southwest Jiaotong University Press; and organized by Editorial Department of Chinese Culture Forumand attracted experts and scholars from the SASS, Sichuan University, Sichuan Normal University, Southwest Jiaotong University, the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archeology Research Institute, San xingdui Museum and JINSHA Museum to gather together for exchanging the significance of the latest archaeological discovery in Sanxingdui for the international dissemination of Sanxingdui culture, and how to apply the latest communication theory to the practice of Chinese culture represented by Sanxingdui.

Translated by Lena.


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