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Upright Rigorous Academic Environment for Continuous Prosperity and Development of Philosophy


2021-11-17 08:40

Yuan Yue
Sichuan Academy of Social Scienc


Nov. 3rd, the 4th National Forum on Ethics and School Tradition Construction in Philosophy was Successfully held by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). This meeting was held both online and offline with the aim of unifying thinkings and building consenus throughout the country, for fostering a clean, upright, rigorous and self-disciplines academic atmosphere, ultimately for promoting the continuous prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences.

The forum was held with the themed of Scientific Ethnics, School Tradition Construction and Research Integrity. Gao Xiang, deputy president of CASS, Xiang Baoyun, president of SASS delivered speeches respectively. Gao said, to adhere correct political stand, academic and value orientation, to observe, grasp and guide the times with Marxism we must cultivate historical thinking, improve our historical literacy, systematically study Chinese history and culture, and be good at drawing wisdom and strength from history; to stick to academic research with soul, originality and position, dig out new materials and discover new problems from the vivid practice of socialist construction with Chinese characteristics based on China’s reality; and to establish a moral model, a deep understanding of the relationship between moral cultivation and wisdom, a clean life and work, realizing the unification of life, work, learning.


President Xiang Baoyun put forward four suggestions on the construction and development of scientific research integrity and school tradition in China: Attaching importance to exemplary eadership and continuously improving the “brightness” and “heat”; to strengthen moral education and continuously expand the “depth” and “breadth”; to enhance supervision and management, and continuously strengthen the “precision” and “intensity”;and stablishing a long-term mechanism to continuously strengthen the “rigidity” and “validity”. Eventually, he made a summary of the forum, hoping that China’s integrity construction can step up to a higher level, establish a new social morality, shaping a new scientific research integrity culture.

Translated by Lena.


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