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Party History Learning and Education Achievement of the School of Marxism of Southwest Jiaotong University Published


2021-04-27 07:42



In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC, the School of Marxism at Southwest Jiaotong University planned ahead of schedule and made reasonable arrangements to effectively study and educate the CPC. history, which has initially shown good results and achieved landmark results. "Enhance Each Other’s Beauty: the Construction of Grassroots Political Power in Central Soviet Area and the Formation of the Mass Line of CPC”, wrote by Professor Ran Mianhui of Southwest Jiaotong University and Head of the Sichuan-Shaanxi Old Revolutionary Zone and Long March Cultural Research Team,etc., was recently published by the Central Party Literature Press.

The book relies on accurate historical materials to reveal the historical background, the establishment and consolidation and the system design and actual operation of the grassroots government in Central Soviet Area, the construction of its grassroots cadre team, and the Mao Zedong thought on grassroots government construction in the period of the existence of Central Soviet Area and the theoretical exposition of the mass line of CPC, and summarizes the historical experience and practical enlightenment of the grassroots government construction and mass work in that period.The publication of this book provides important references for the broad masses of Party members and cadres to learn from the glorious course of CPC’s centuries of struggle, deeply understand the great contribution of CPC to the country and the nation, deeply understand that CPC has always adhered to its original purpose of serving people, systematically grasp the major theoretical results of the formation of Marxism in China promoted by CPC, study and inherit the great spirit of CPC in its long-term struggle, and deeply understand the valuable experience of CPC in successfully advancing revolutionary construction and reforms.

According to reports, the publication of this book is the preliminary result of a series of Party history learning and education for teachers of the School of Marxism of Southwest Jiaotong University. The school will continue to promote Party history learning and education and create more learning achievements.

                                                                                                                                                           Translated by Zhou Mengjiao



2021-04-27 03:40
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