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Tianfu New District Rural Revitalization Research Institute Signed


2021-02-02 03:04

Long Hongyu



Jan.21, Chengdu--The project cooperation agreement on jointly building Tianfu New District Rural Revitalization Research Institute was formally signed, by Sichuan Agricultural University and Tianfu New District Party Working Committee. The two sides will take their respective advantages, work together to build a world-leading platform for agricultural science and technology innovation and achievement transformation, and contribute more and greater strength of Sichuan to the rural revitalization strategy.

Its agreed that deeper cooperation will be carried out in the areas of government, industry, science, research, application, metal and media by the two sides, for jointly building a new contact to help Sichuan build a strong agricultural province. In order to promote the development of high level, high quality and high efficiency of Tianfu New District Rural Revitalization Research Institute, the two sides agree to complete the construction of administrative management system this year, take lead in more than three high-level modern agricultural research teams including academician Rong Tingzhao of Sichuan Agricultural University, such as Agricultural Green Development, Fresh Corn, Digital Village, and so on, and make full efforts to tackle technical problems of bottleneck and incubate agriculture-related and technology-oriented enterprises.

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