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A Strategic Agreement on Cultural Heritage Protection Management & Inheritance Innovation Agreement Signed


2020-09-03 02:48


Aug.19th, just at the time when the Seminar on Cultural Heritage Protection Management and Inheritance Innovation was held in Dunhuang Research Institute, Sichuan Museum and Dunhuang Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement on strengthening the protection and utilization of cultural relics. Zhao Shengliang, director of Dunhuang Research Institute, and Wei Quan, director of Sichuan Museum respectively signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides, which attracted nearly 20 experts and scholars from both sides.

According to the agreement, the two sides will innovate working mechanism, strengthen cooperation, draw on each others strengths and develop in a coordinated way in academic exchanges, cultural relics protection, research, exhibition, publicity, cultural and creative development, and research and study tourism, jointly launch a series of key research projects for the protection and research of cultural relics and key demonstration projects for the active utilization of cultural relics resources, jointly build a large platform for exhibition and exchange at home and abroad with the Silk Road culture and statue art as the logo, a characteristic research gallery with the ancient road culture as the background, and a characteristic cultural creation, research and marketing main position, for helping Sichuan and Gansu build a community for the protection and utilization of cultural relics, a consortium for the research and transformation of cultural relics and a community for the development of cultural tourism.

The sighing of strategic cooperation agreement to strengthen the protection of cultural relics, is an important measure taken by both sides to earnestly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech during his inspection of the Dunhuang Research Institute, which provides a strong support for improving cultural relics activation utilization of resources, stimulating creativity, exploring the value idea, humanistic spirit and moral norms contained in cultural relics, and telling the stories about cultural relics well, eventually facilitating promotion of the cultural soft power and integrative development of cultural and tourism between the two provinces.



2020-09-03 10:44
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