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“Press Conference of Major Academic Achievements Past Five Years”Grandly Held


2020-05-12 08:35



“Press Conference of Major Academic Achievements in the Past Five Years” was grandly held in Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS, Chengdu,May 7th, 2020. Professor Li Houqiang, the secretary of Party Committee of SASS, President Xiang Baoyun, Vice Secretary Chen Jing’an, Deputy President Zheng Taian, Deputy President Hu Xueju and Deputy President Yao Leye attended the meeting, along a total of about 80 project-related persons and medias as well.


At the meeting, the overall situation of eight aspects in recent five years had been released involving awards for scientific research achievements, high-level papers, important publications, construction of new type of think tank, establishment of important projects, establishment of academic platforms, holding of important conferences, and foreign academic exchanges, etc. by Researcher Liao Chongxu, the director of Research Institute of Sociology; Representatives made excellent speeches on the research background, research value, research output and social impact of their respective research achievements.

Finally, Yao summarized the conference; “The year 2020 marks the end of the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the 13th five-year plan. It will also be a decisive year in the battle against poverty, while as an important base and main force of philosophy and social science research in Sichuan Province, SASS is also a “think tank” of the provincial party committee and provincial government, the purpose of this conference is to conduct a comprehensive and systematic review, publicity and promotion of academic achievements in the past five years in this remarkable year, and to take this opportunity to make a phased summary, and to reflect on and look forward to the development of scientific research in the next five years,” said he, “standing at the historical juncture of the ‘Two Centenary Goals’, SASS will continue to promote theoretical innovation through basic research, serve economic and social development with applied research, speed up the building of philosophy and social sciences and a new type of socialist think tank with Chinese Characteristics, for providing intellectual support for the prosperity of philosophy and social science, and the governance of Sichuan to a new level.”


2020-05-12 04:26
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