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The Book "Tianfu Study" Published


2020-03-13 07:37



The book "Tianfu Study", written by Professor Li Houqiang, Secretary of the Committee of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences of CPC, was formally published by Sichuan People's Publishing House in December 2019. The book is divided into six chapters, including concept definition, basic principles, research methods, Tianfu specificity, Tianfu development strategy and the outlook of new Tianfu. With a total of 290,000 words, it involves various disciplines, such as geology, geomorphology, economics, political science, cultural science, sociology, ecology, etc.. By reading this book, you can deepen your understanding of the Kingdom of Tianfu and know the past and present of it so that more people can know about it, like it, and build it.


2020-03-13 03:17
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