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2019 Sichuan Annual Conference of Reciting Academy Held Successfully


2019-12-25 08:52



On Dec. 12th, achievements issued seminar for Study on Sichuan Traditional Reciting & 2019 Sichuan Annual Conference of Reciting Academy was held in Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Chengdu City.

On behalf of SASS, Professor Li Houqiang, the secretary of SASS Party Committee of CPC, Prof. Ding Guoqi, the executive deputy mayor of Mianyang Municipal Committee, Prof. Lv Yaodong of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the representatives and inheritor of Chinese traditional reciting, and so on attended the meeting.

President Wang Chuanwen of Sichuan Reciting Academy hosted the opening ceremony, and introduced theoretical achievements of Study on Sichuan Traditional Reciting; Prof. Ding and Prof. Bai Yan delivered speeches respectively, which affirmed the important value of the conference to promote Chinese excellent traditional culture and the positive impact on all sectors of society.

In the second phase, 16 reciting works were exhibited including Sichuan traditional reciting, mandarin reciting, Hua Diao reciting, Hunan traditional reciting, etc.

Then, there was a lively discussion about academic exchanges for Study on Sichuan Traditional Reciting, and various valuable suggestions were provided by experts of reciting research and representatives of intangible cultural heritage. As an important part of Chinese traditional reciting, Sichuan traditional reciting was unanimously affirmed for its unique music phenomenon and reading style in Sichuan Region, which preserved a large number of regional traditional elements, and a typical representative of Sichuan cultural heritage.


2019-12-25 04:50
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