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The Three Sus Clean Administration Culture Seminar Held in Meishan


2019-10-11 07:51



On September 19th , themed by "Inheriting the Honesty of Three Sus and Cultivating Clean Administration Culture", the Three Sus Clean Administration Culture Seminar was held in Meishan.  Rong Ling, member of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Zhang Li, Secretary of the Meishan Commission for Discipline Inspection, attended the seminar.

At the meeting, Bu Xianqun, director of the Institute of History of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Mei Jingzhong, deputy director of the Department of Literature and History of the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, Professor Zhou Yuxi from Sichuan University, president of the Chinese Research Society of Three Sus, and Liu Xiaochuan, well-known writer and deputy director of the Meishan Research Institute of Three Sus Culture, delivered keynote speeches. The speeches are around "the protection, inheritance and promotion of the clean administration culture heritage in our country's history", "Su Shi's life philosophy on ‘remain true to original aspiration’ and clean administration culture construction", "Su Shi's clean government thought" and "Dongpo culture and socialist core values", etc.. Nine experts from Xihua University, Yangzhou University, Sichuan Technology and Business University, Chinese Research Society of Three Sus, Meishan Three Sus Culture Research Institute, and Meishan Three Sus Museum made remarks.

Experts at the meeting made consensus that Su Shi, as a politician, thinker, and writer with great influence in the history of China, is the only Chinese among the 100 celebrities who have been selected by UNESCO to influence the world. His political ideals, clean government thoughts, official concept and philosophy of life, still have important ideological reference and practical reference value as the socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era. Under the new historical conditions, the construction of a clean government culture based on the study of that of the ancient sages is of great significance to enhance the confidence of the current clean government culture and promote the high-quality development of the discipline inspection and supervision.

The conference advocated that China has a long history of civilization and a rich material, institutions and spiritual and cultural heritage of clean administration culture. These cultural heritages are not only an important part of China's excellent traditional culture, but also an important resource for cultivating and promoting a clean and honest administration culture in the new era, which should be well protected, excavated and carried on.


2019-10-11 03:51
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