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Mr. Du Yanglin's Literature Works Seminar held in Chengdu


2019-09-20 08:07



On September 15th, 2019, Du Yanglin's Literature Works Seminar, co-sponsored by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Sichuan Writers Association and Sichuan People's Publishing House, was held in Chengdu. The seminar was chaired by Li Houqiang, the Secretary of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences Committee of the CPC, and Tao Wuxian, former chairman of the Sichuan CPPCC and Liu Daoping, former vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People's Congress. Some experts, scholars and critics in Sichuan Province, such as Zheng Xiaoxing, Chairman of Sichuan Literature Federation, Yao Leye, Vice-President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, attended the seminar to discuss the novels, poetry and prose published by Du Yanglin.


The participants analyzed the content, literary value and social significance for Du Yanglin's works from different angles and put forward pertinent suggestions. At this seminar, Du Yanglin brought his seven works, including the novel "Luofengpo", "Longming Sword" , "Blue Sea and Sword Heart", "Memory of History", "Morning Wind and Dusk Rain" and “ With the Wind and Wave Crossing the Sea". Du Yanglin said that in the next writing period, he will still make full use of the material accumulated in his career, and carry out "secondary literary interpretation" in a literary way with the news figures and events that he remembers.


In the summary, Professor Li Houqiang said that some important enlightenments and lessons can be excavated from Du Yanglin’s works, which can inspire contemporary people and also move later generations. From his growth path, we can see that the "five conditions" for a journalist to become a writer, the dream, power, experience, perseverance and security, which means a firm writer's dream, profound literary skills, rich social experience, continuous hard work and stable material guarantee.


After the seminar, Du Yanglin accepted an interview. As a "journalist writer" who has been engaged in media work for nearly 20 years, Du Yanglin never stopped writing from news writing to literary. He says that he will make full use of the material accumulated in his journalistic career, and carry out "secondary literary interpretation" in a literary way with those journalists and news events that are remembered in mind. Mr. Alai, the chairman of the Provincial Writer Association, once praised him: "It has a precise sense of news, a full temperature of literature, and a philosophical light shining everywhere."


Translated by weng jun


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