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The 3rd Sichuan Village Heads Forum and Village Community Development Conference held in Guangyuan


2019-09-12 03:03



The 3rd Sichuan Village Heads Forum and Village Community Development Conference was held in Guangyuan City from September 9 to 10.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Affairs Office said that Sichuan Village Heads Forum is not only the first platform focusing on village development at the provincial level in the country, but also an important carrier for the mutual learning and exchange in the three rural areas, especially the rural grassroots cadres. after continuous efforts of third sessions, the forum has become an ideological event for government leaders, village heads and experts and scholars in the three rural issues, and an exchange and cooperation platform with high standards, great influence, and welcomed by Party members and cadres.

During the forum, the opening ceremony of the conference, the main forum, the sub-forum guest dialogue, the 2019 Sichuan featured village and village leading talents selection activities, the Sichuan rural intangible cultural exhibition and the 2019 outstanding village official award, the northeastern Sichuan featured agricultural products and modern agriculture material equipment display activities were held. It further demonstrated the latest achievements and exchanged experience in village development. At the forum, the results of the selection of 2019 Sichuan featured villages and village leading talents organized by the Sichuan Village Community Development Promotion Association and the Southwest University of Finance and Economics were also released, and awards were given.

During the forum, the "2019 Sichuan Rural Talent Development Report" jointly written by Sichuan Village Community Development Promotion Association and Sichuan Zhanqi Rural Revitalization Research Institute was officially released at the forum. The report was divided into talent theory part, rural talent report part,leading talents part and rural talents policy part. It objectively analyzes the current situation and problems of rural talents , systematically combs the policy theory of rural talents, and introduces the experience and deeds of leading talents to start business. This is the result of research on the theme of talent revitalization following the publication of the "2018 Sichuan Top 100 Famous Villages Development Report" last year. It has important reference value for leaders, three rural issues experts and grassroots Party members and cadres at all levels. The "2019 Sichuan Featured Village and Village Leading Talents Selection Impact Report", which was selected by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, was also officially released at the forum, and was compiled into the "2019 Sichuan Featured Village Development Report".




2019-09-12 11:03
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